Need help on loading samples into the AKAI S900?

...This is not really easy...I know...

I've gone crazy for months before finding a working way and even that suddently stopped working for apparently no reason for nearly one year. Now things are working fine but I bet there are many users out there that simply can't get the damn thing to work!

Since some of you contacted me privately telling me their desperation I decided to help people wanting to upload some samples into the machine. Send me your .WAVS and I'll send you back an image of a floppy with the sounds in it, so you can simply convert it into floppy using OmniFlop and load it into the AKAI S900.

Limit for this free offer if of one floppy per person, as MIDI sample dump is SLOOOOOOW!

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dvdborn ha detto...

Hi there,

The Akai S900 was my main sampler for a long time, until one day it broke down. (but that's a different story)

It is actually quite easy to transfer samples to the S900. The only thing you need is a PC running Windows 95 and an application called Wav_Akai. This application lets you transfer 16bit mono and stereo! wave files to the S900.

You'll need version 2.0. There was a later version (version 98) that didn't work as well as version 2.0.

You can still download V2.0 here

Though, I don't know if you'll still be able to obtain a registration key. The unregistered version adds some random clicks to the samples.


KONEY ha detto...

Well a WIN 95 PC is not very easy to find. I dump samples under Win XP even in between a working session, I just click RMB on a .WAV file and go!

Anyway people asked me for assistance, so I'm trying to be useful to them. To everybody: before asking me for help try DVDBORN ;)

Anonimo ha detto...

Be aware that teh akai samplers need to "handshake" so the midi in and the midi out need to be connected to the computer.

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi there.....Juat want to say thank you for your great page. I have Akai S950, S1100 and S3000XL samplers from my old studio set-up and I am just starting to try to access the samples on the floppies from my new PC and your page is so helpful my friend! - I will be back to read it all in detail as soon as I have the OmniFlop programme and whatever else I need. - Thanks once again.....Max

KONEY ha detto...

Glad to help! I hope you will sort out with your sample transfers, after all it's not that difficult!


boris fornetti ha detto...

Hi Koney!
I`d like to ask you for wider post about converting wavs to Akai floppys
I think its very intersting! Is it so hard?

And thanks for helpfull blog!

KONEY ha detto...

Not so hard after all.

have you tried here:

Jeremy ha detto...

Get WavAkai 2.0 for Windows 98 from here:

Clinton Nelson ha detto...

I am beginning to use the S900.
what type of 3.5 Floppy Disks should I use?
"IBM Formatted" or "Non-Formatted"
Thank You for the response.

KONEY ha detto...

No difference because you need to format them on the AKAI nonetheless. Remember to put tape on the holes!

Have fun ;)