Alesis SR-16 Drummachine samples

DOWNLOAD - How to put it on disk

Happy to re-post this samplekit from Andrea Zuppa.

I actually own and love an Alesis SR-16 so this collection is more than welcome!

Welcome to my AKAI S900 blog!

Here we go. It was a while ago that came to me this idea to put all the knowledge I have about this fantastic sampler together in a sort of site/blog/page.

AKAI S900 12bit oldschool sampler

Since it is quite difficult to gather CORRECT information about this device I decided to try to make life of other users easier. I use the AKAI in a modern studio and I've managed to interface it in a quite productive way.

Basically I also hope to meet more enthusiasts to share whatever can be shared about my favorite sampler.

See you soon.

AKAI S900 as a Granular Synthesizer

DOWNLOAD - How to put it on disk

Recently I've done an experiment with granular synthesis, small sampled waveforms looped to obtain a continuos sound.

Roland SH-09 Waveform

I chopped some waveforms from my Roland SH-09 samplekit and MIDI dumped them into the AKAI S900. Usually I care about samples dimension as the S900 has only 720kB of unexpandable memory but sample waveforms, or "grains", are so small in size there's really no worry.

The waveforms sound quite close to the real SH-09, even when layering together the squarewave + SUBOSC the result is similar. What starts to go crazy is when I hit two different keys, blending two sounds at different pitches: the AKAI poliphony starts to show its limits so the harshness is guaranteed.

Being the SH-09 a typical techno machine the resulting sounds are quite oldschoolish but the screaming effects are of course totally different: here it's the AKAI S900 character showing off.


I am running another new blog focused on the production of industrial music, something the AKAI S900 helped and inspired me a lot about.

Industrial music BLOG

Here I will speak about Industrial Electronic music production, gear, plug-ins, software, visuals, concepts, tunes and sounds, samples, links and whatever could be related.

I'm not a news hunter so expect to see my thoughts and experiences about the said topics rather than an updated list of the latest stuff released.

Topics about the AKAI S900 will be crsss-posted in both blogs.

See you there!

Industrial Music Production Blog